Mortgage credit

A home is the most important asset we can acquire, but sometimes, the only way to get it is through a mortgage, because for many it is impossible to have the money to buy a house or apartment in cash. A mortgage is not something that should be taken lightly, especially if we consider that […]

How to request a personal loan?

Angelica works hard to facilitate, as much as possible, all the necessary process to request and get a personal loan for whatever you need. One of the tools that we make available to our customers to make it even easier is the credit application system through SMS. Personal loan Being able to request a personal […]

All about the Real Estate Credit

  The Real Estate Credit Pipeline is a credit consolidation operation, which aims to clean up your finances and reduce your exposure to debt. By grouping your credits into one, you have more readability on your loans, and have only one monthly payment and one interest rate. Definition: the Real Estate Credit The Credit Pipeline, […]

Certainly to the credit

The personal creditworthiness, ie the creditworthiness of a debtor, is essentially dependent on a regular and secure income in sufficient amount so that he can meet his financial obligations. In the case of unemployment, there is a lack of long-term security beyond the period of entitlement to unemployment benefits for one or, for older workers, […]

When the banks turn off the money

Anyone who is on the black list of Schufa has a hard time getting credit in the established banking system. It’s a vicious circle: negative features stored on the Schufa lead to the rejection of a loan application, and every denied loan signifies a new negative entry. In addition to the Schufa information, insecure or […]