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                                            HORSE PALACE            Stall # __________

Spring Creek Association, "SCA" agrees with ________________"Owner", to stable the
animal(s) described below, pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof The parties
acknowledge sufficient good valuable consideration for this entire Agreement.

1. The following is certified to be current and complete information of Owner.

    Name: _______________________________________________________

    Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

    Residential Address: __________________________________________

    Telephone Number: ___________________________________________

    Veterinarian Preferred: _________________________________________

    Veterinarian Telephone: ________________________________________

2.  Owner will deliver a total of ____ horses, to SCA for purposes of stabling at
     the facility known as the Horse Palace from______ to______ at a rate of $_______
     per month/per day. Stall rental shall be paid in advance without exception.

3. Animal(s) will be fed twice daily by SCA personnel. If Owner wishes to grain the animal,
   Owner will furnish the grain and arrangements will be made in advance with the manager
   of the Horse Palace. Owner will not be permitted to make random feedings of the

4. SCAwill not be liable for any damages to the animal(s) arising out of or in
    connection with the stabling of the animal(s) or that may accrue trom any cause
   whatsoever, including but not limited to loss by fire, theft, running away, illness,
    death or injury, except the gross negligence or intentional act of SCA. Owner shall
    be responsible for, and shall hold SCA harmless and indemnify it from, all acts and
    behavior of the animal(s).

5. In the event the animal(s) becomes ill or is injured, Owner will be notified as soon as
    possible at the telephone number and address listed above. If the Owner does not
    immediately inform SCA regarding measures to be taken or if the animal's health
    requires emergency action, the right to call a veterinarian or to furnish any other
    advisable attention within SCA's sole discretion is granted to SCA, and any expenses
    incurred in connection therewith shall be promptly paid by Owner and shall be a part
    of the charges under this Agreement. SCA will attempt to contact the veterinarian
    preferred by the Owner but will not be required to do so in the event such contact is
    either impossible or impractical.

6. SCA shall have, and is hereby granted, an agistor's lien, pursuant to the provisions of
    NRS 108.540 through 108.560, inclusive, in addition to any remedy provided by
    Nevada law, for any unpaid corral charges and other charges resulting fTomthe
    corralling of the animal(s). The animal(s) will be deemed abandoned to SCA if any
    charges remain unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days or more.

7. The Corral shall be cleaned as needed.

8. Owner represents that the animal(s) are fTeeand clean ofliens and encumbrances and
    the Owner has all legal right to corral the animal(s). Owner shall provide current
    vaccination upon boarding animal(s) at the Horse Palace. Owner further represents
    that Owner knows of no illness or defect in the animal(s) that has not been disclosed
    to SCA prior to execution of this Agreement and that the animal(s) carries no disease
    or contagion that may harm other animals.

COLOR: _____________________                  BREED:___________________________


Dated this__________ day of _________, 2006.





Revised 8/8/05