The Real Estate Credit Pipeline is a credit consolidation operation, which aims to clean up your finances and reduce your exposure to debt. By grouping your credits into one, you have more readability on your loans, and have only one monthly payment and one interest rate.

Definition: the Real Estate Credit

The Credit Pipeline, Credit Consolidation, Debt Consolidation, Credit Restructuring and others are terms used to refer to the same transaction. Credit line or credit consolidation is a banking operation that consists of the bank or any other financial institution to buy the debts contracted by an individual whether it is with individuals, financial institutions or the lending organization itself .
The Credit Pip exists in different forms. Indeed, it is possible to speak of Credit Pip whether it is for a consumer credit, a personal credit and of course a mortgage. The Real Estate Credit Pipeline is a banking operation whose characteristics and benefits are similar whether it is a credit line for a consumer credit or personal credit.
In a real estate credit operation, it is a question of replacing one or more existing credits by a single credit. With the Real Estate Credit Pip, the borrower has only one creditor that is the lender. Outside this organization, he owes no other financial structure.
The Real Estate Credit Loan allows the borrower to repay his debt with a lower interest rate than the rates charged under conventional loans. In addition, the Credit Pip offers the opportunity to repay debt over a long time taking into account the income available to the latter.

The advantages of the Real Estate Credit 

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By subscribing to the Real Estate Credit Pipeline, one benefits from various advantages. As a benefit, this financial transaction contributes to a considerable reduction in monthly payments. In addition, it increases the purchasing power of the borrower and at the same time gives air to his financial budget.
The Credit Pip in general and the Real Estate Credit Pip is aimed at a wide audience. Indeed, this credit is aimed at the various socio-professional sectors, be it tradesmen, the liberal professions, farmers, craftsmen … We must not forget employees and retired people.

How to take advantage of the Real Estate Credit

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To take advantage of a real estate credit, you do not have to change banks. It is possible to use an online broker who deals with the various administrative procedures to make you subscribe to the mortgage credit that corresponds to your situation. If you have already had a Credit Pip, it is possible to re-apply. However, this requires that your first credit application has not been the subject of payment incidents. In addition, a delay of at least 1 year must elapse between the two requests of Credit Pip.
Loan Capacity Tip: Before accepting Pip’s mortgage credit application, the bank takes into account three main parameters. Indeed, it ensures that the borrower can provide a guarantee. The risk and the profit margin are also parameters on which the bank relies before granting a credit line.

The Real Estate Credit Loan has a repayment period that can run for about thirty years unlike personal loans that last more than ten years.