Having a water cooler is a necessity since it the doctors require individuals to take at least five glasses of water daily. Whether it is during summer or winter, you will need to drink water. Investing in a water cooler is, therefore, one of the best decisions that you could ever make.

You can be guided by three factors when you are selecting the right water cooler for your home; that is the design, the available space, and the capacity that you need. This read explores the various tips that you ought to consider when choosing a water cooler.


capacityThe capacity of the water cooler is paramount since you need to meet the demands of the people that the water cooler will serve. The number of people who intend to use the water cooler should, therefore, be your number one guide. If the water cooler is to be used by many individuals, then choose a water cooler with a larger capacity. For example, you should know that a 19 – liter bottled water cooler will dispense roughly 100 cups of water.

Plumbing the water cooler

There is a new phenomenon as far as the water coolers are concerned. Many individuals have raised concerns over changing the bottles repeatedly. If you have been a victim and use much water within a short time, then you might consider the plumbed water cooler. The plumbed water cooler is ideal for many people while the bottled water cooler is ideal for few individuals.


Just like the purchase of the other household items, you need a budget that will direct you when you are purchasing a water cooler. We have different brands and models of water coolers that come at different prices. Secondly, different sellers have different rates for the similar water coolers. If you want to save big from the same, use the internet to search for the market price. Once you are sure of the market price, you can then decide regarding the buying of the same.


water coolerThe model of the water cooler is of utmost significance when selecting a water cooler. We have two types of models the countertop and the freestanding models. The model and size of the water cooler will determine which type of cooler will best suit your needs.

If you have a large family, for example, you will buy a larger model that will be able to serve your entire family. The freestanding models typically have a larger capacity than the countertop models. This means that if you are few individuals in your home then investing in the countertop models could be the wisest thing to do.