Guide to buying floodlight cameras

Home security is an important factor to ensure that your property and belongings are safe. When intruders come prowling around, you want the reassurance that you will be able to identify them and even frighten them away from your property. One, therefore, needs to look for security products that they can install in their home to help wade of such trespassers or just to alert one on what is going on in their premises. One of the latest innovations to come into the market is the floodlight camera. This has the advantage of having an HD video camera at the same floodlights that light up with a motion trigger. For more on the latest floodlight cam innovation check out ring floodlight cam reviews. If you plan on buying one, here is a buying guide.

Buying floodlight cameras


floodlight camera

The video camera needs to have the ability to take clear images and recording. This will help in identifying people who come to your home. Blurry, jittery images will not help in any way. One then needs to get a camera that has the highest possible resolution. Most cameras offer 720p. However, newer models have 1080p.


The source of powering the floodlight camera is important. Most use an electric connection to operate. Homeowners need to look for battery backup models that can switch on in case there is a power outage possible cut by the intruders. This will enable recording to be done for a while before the battery life runs out.

Night vision

This is a key feature to have on the floodlight camera. Many break-ins happen at night and this feature helps to record the activities that are taking place. Some cameras will switch on automatically, while others will allow one to customize when to activate.


The security system should be able to alert one when there is motion detected. The alert will be sent to the device that is activated to receive such alerts which could be a mobile phone or tablet. The faster the alert, the better for you as an owner, for one will be able to take action.

Storage capability

Storage of recording is essential. The data comes in handy if a burglary took place and evidence is needed. Some cameras will have inbuilt storage on a microSD or hard drive that date can be stored. However, the challenge with this is if the floodlight camera is stolen the data will be lost. Cloud storage has gained popularity, where the data is saved on a remote server operated by the manufacturer that one can access.

Quality audio

audioThe floodlight camera needs to have quality audio that one can hear and record the chatter that is happening. It should also feature a two-way audio that will enable you to communicate with however is in front of the camera.…